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'B&B' Speculation: Ridge's Tempting Offer to RJ Alarms Thomas?

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Looks like a sibling rivalry is brewing on Bold and the Beautiful. This week, RJ Forrester returns to LA to be with his family. Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester are delighted to see their only child, who has been away for years. Hope Logan is equally overjoyed to see her brother, but is it the same with Thomas Forrester?

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge's Lucrative Offer

RJ Forrester may not be able to steer clear of the family on B&B. Spoilers for the week say Ridge Forrester makes a tempting offer to his youngest son to get him into the family business.

The dressmaker didn't waste time and immediately asked RJ to join Forrester Creations. He believes he has what it takes to make a name for himself in the fashion industry.

But RJ reminds his dad that he has his own thing going on as an influencer. Plus, he thinks it's busy enough at FC.

Still, Ridge insists they have room for him at the company. He also reminds him that he has designer blood running through his veins.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester - RJ Forrester
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RJ Settles In

It won't be surprising if RJ Forrester accepts Ridge Forrester's offer. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Ridge Jr. will eventually join FC and quickly becomes its newest hotshot.

This could mean trouble for Thomas Forrester, who has been laser-focused on his work lately. If RJ decides to design for the company, he could be competing against his brother.

Things have been rather tense between the siblings. Both make it very clear that they're not comfortable being around each other at the moment.

RJ is hurt that Thomas sabotaged Brooke. Of course, it's all in the past now, and Thomas is doing his best to stay on the right track.

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Bold and the Beautiful: Sibling Rivalry Looms?

But RJ Forrester may not find it easy to forgive and forget. After all, Thomas Forrester's actions destroyed his parents' marriage.

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests the brothers will have sibling rivalry. Perhaps RJ will seek revenge on Thomas for what he did to Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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He could sabotage him at work or make him look bad to their family. Or RJ might hinder Thomas and Hope's growing closeness. This could push Thomas back to the dark side.

Of course, it's also possible that the brothers will be able to set aside their differences. Perhaps working together will bring back their close relationship, just like in the old times.

Will Thomas and RJ clash on Bold and the Beautiful?